Aquarius (1/20 - 2/20)

The month begins with the Sun in Gemini and your solar 5th house. It’s an ideal time to shine your most creative light out into the world ad express joy through participating in recreational activities, artistic pursuits or anything else that gives you pleasure.

The 5th house rules creative self expression but it also rules children and true love. Your ability to give love is strong now and you might feel a sense of lively fullness in your heart, wanting to share your generous nature with others in a magnified way.

On June 6th Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, will enter Aries and your solar 3rd house of communication. This will help you optimize your ideas and plans and will also be a favorable time to teach or learn a new subject. You might have several opportunities to take short trips and if you take advantage of them you’ll surely be filled with happy memories for years to come. Jupiter will be in this part of your chart until September 9th and then it comes back again in 2011 for more good fortune in all communication and short travelling matters!

You might have a bit of a power struggle in a financial matter from June 7th – July 29th. Mars, the planet of action and strife, will tour your solar 8th house of joint resources during this time. From a positive standpoint, you’ll have plenty of assertive energy to stand your ground and try to reach for the best possible outcome. You won’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of in any financial negotiations. On the negative side however, you might be too aggressive and could even feel anger about whatever situation transpires now. Try to direct any feelings of frustration towards achieving a positive outcome.

On June 12th a New Moon in Gemini will fall in your solar 5th house of love and creative self expression. If single, this could be when you attract a new romance your way. It will also be an ideal time to launch a new creative project or to spend time with children, playing and enjoying more recreation than usual. This is your “play” New Moon so use it well.

The Sun will enter Cancer on June 21st and your solar 6th house of work, health and service. A spotlight will shine on your daily routine and ways to be more efficient at the office and in your daily tasks. This will also be a good time to pay attention to health and schedule any needed doctor’s appointments.

The month could end on a stressful note since on June 26th there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that falls in your solar 12th house of the subconscious mind. The aspects this Eclipse makes to several planets indicates strongly that in order for you to truly come into your power center it’s more important than ever to abandon a significant fear or anxiety that’s holding you back. If you’re having trouble, this will be a good time to seek the advice of a trusted counselor and will also be a time you’ll need more solitude than usual. Be gentle with yourself now – you’re like the butterfly almost ready to emerge from the cocoon.

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