這支MV總共有三個版本,歌曲稱不上上之選但朗朗上口,其中韓國版的MV拍得很有質感兼有霸氣,BoA在裡面所穿的衣服quite cool,重點是舞蹈加分很多。



Eat You Up-BoA

When I first saw you I knew nothing's like it used to be
Boy you have got to be the finest thing in history
The way I feel inside is just so hard to understand
You'd be my appetite in ways I can't explain

*I'll eat you up (No, no, no, noo) I'll eat you up(No, no, no, noo)(Woah)I'll eat you up (Woah) So yum yum(Woah) Can't get enough (Woah oh oh)I think I'm in love

If you move any closer boy there is no guarantee
What I will do to you I fear it and it's scaring me
Like I've become some kind of demon in the night
You look so tasty and I could eat you up alive

Can't stop thinking 'bout all the things I wanna do to you
If you move any closer you'd be asking for it too I want your love
I need your touch So much I think I'm in love

(I'll eat you up)


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